The Kent Family History

The Story of Fluker
These two books tell the story of the Kent Family of Fluker, Louisiana. It begins in the early 1600s in Upper Wallop, in Hampshire, in Southern England. Among the first pioneers to go to the colonies, they moved to New England in 1634, just 14 years after the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth. They moved north to Newbury and Kent Island, Massachusetts, where they lived for well over a century, and then on to Chester, New Hampshire. Fifty years after the revolution, Amos Kent, the son of a Harvard graduate, moved west and south to the new frontier as the country expanded, settling eventually in a place which was named for him, Kentwood, Louisiana, in the years before the Civil War. His grandson, Richard, began anew after the Civil War, moving seven miles south to a spot he named for his father, a Confederate Officer, and a member of the first class of what later became LSU, James Fluker Kent. There, the family grew and prospered.

Today, most of the thousands of acres Richard once owned have been divided among his many children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and even a few folks who aren't related at all.

Those Fluker Kents

Gwynette Kent Dixon & Gerry Carley

A History of the Kent Family of Fluker, Louisiana, dating back to colonial times in America

Photo and Source Companion to Those Fluker Kents

Gerry Carley

A photo and source companion to Those Fluker Kents, including material about Kents origins in Hampshire in southern England, and additional material related to the Kents of New England, and Kentwood and Fluker, Louisiana